Typical Applications

Applications for ISSI custom-built circuit assemblies are as varied as the markets they serve. We have a long list of clientele from so many industries for a reason. Regardless of application, ISSI circuit assemblies are built to fit budgets and specifications, using technologies that deliver reliable performance in every setting. Here is a broad overview of the industries that utilize ISSI products:


  • Pump drive circuits in dialysis machines
  • Blood oxygen monitor circuits
  • Hearing aids
  • Teaching aids circuits for the hearing impaired


  • Portable test system circuits for computers on board U.S. fighter aircraft
  • On board circuitry for laser guided missiles


  • Oil, water, and gas pipeline controls and monitoring circuits
  • Temperature sensors and controls for renewable energy industry


  • Sensors and controls for soil analysis and resource conservation


  • General aviation industry instrumentation

Other industries include

  • Telecommunication
  • Industrial controls