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ISSI Trade show dates for 2017 and 2018



ISSI would like to introduce Larry Wallman of HI-TEK Sales as a representative serving the Indiana and Kentucky territories. Larry can be reached at (317) 887-2564 and E-mail at

ISSI would like to thank PCS (Packaging & Component Specialists) for becoming our manufacturing repesentative, Brian Halligan, Doug Liedblad, and Fred Gresovic will be serving the Southern California area. Brian can be reached at 714-834-1512   E-Mail:   Web-Site: 

ISSI is proud to be celebrating its 45th year anniversary in 2018. ISSI was founded in 1973. We got our start by manufacturing custom thick film hybrid electronic circuits on ceramic substrates. Since that time we have added additional capabilities to provide the latest assembly techniques to the industry. Today we offer many circuit assembly capabilities, such as Surface Mount (SMT), Through Hole, Chip-on-Board, Multi-Chip-Module, and Thick Film Hybrids.