Hybrid Thick Film

A Hybrid circuit performs all or part of an electronic function by combining and interconnecting several passive and active semiconductor devices into a single package.

International Sensor Systems’ hybrid circuits provide superior circuit density, performance, and reliability, with relatively low development and tooling costs. ISSI provides over 35 years of experience in the design and manufacture of thick film hybrid products for high reliability applications in the industrial, medical, and military markets. ISSI provides the complete solution to your manufacturing problems including everything from initial layout design to final testing and inspection.

There are a variety of options for base materials of thick film substrates depending on the customer’s specific needs, such as Alumina (AL2O3), Aluminum nitride (AIN) or Beryllia (BeO). The selected substrate will be screen-printed with the conductor pattern and thick film resistors. Screen-printed resistors provide numerous benefits, including better tracking, improved interconnect reliability, and package design flexibility through size reduction. The printed paste is then fired in tightly monitored temperature controlled, multi-zoned furnaces, binding the paste to the base material and becoming an integral part of the circuit. Passive and active semi-conductor packages are then re-flowed onto the printed substrate. Bare die are attached to the substrate with epoxy and interconnected with gold wire bonds. A variety of lids or coatings may be applied to protect the die and wire bonds.

Package available for Hybrid Thick Film Assembly at ISSI:

  • Ceramic, metal, or plastic covers with adhesive seals
  • Circuit sealing using junction coating, lids, and other conventional coating materials
  • Hermetic and non-hermetic packages

Features of hybrid thick film technology from ISSI:

  • Further space savings over surface mount technology
  • Alumina (AL2O3), Aluminum Nitride (AIN), and Beryllia (BeO) base materials for excellent heat dissipation
  • Superior base material power dissipation -Alumina(AL2O3) high level ~ 1 Watt per inch per degree C, -Aluminum Nitrite (AIN) high level ~7 Watts per inch per degree C
  • Very compact with low profile and low mass
  • Provides reliable performance in extreme temperature operating ranges
  • Improved signal-to-noise ratio over laminate technologies
  • Printed thick film resistors trimmed to exacting values
    • Temperature Coefficient Resistance (TCR) as low as 50 ppm with tracking TCR’s to 20 ppm
    • Power ratings range one-sixteenth (1/16) to five (5) Watts
    • Precision Resistors to one-tenth of one percent (0.1%)
    • Ratio matching to one-tenth of one percent (0.1%)
  • Epoxy and eutectic semi-conductor die attach
  • Gold thermosonic wire bonding with wire diameters from .0007 to .003 inch
  • Re-flow soldering passive component attachment
  • Wide selection of solder paste and thick film inks available
  • Functional modularity
  • Assembled, inspected, and tested to MIL-STD and IPC specifications
  • A full range of electrical and environmental testing available

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