When design parameters cannot be met by traditional assembly techniques, Chip-On-Board (COB) could be the solution. COB is an excellent choice for miniaturizing your electrical circuit.

An unpackaged integrated circuit (IC) is mounted to a laminate substrate along with signal conditioning or support circuitry. Electrical connections are formed when the IC is attached to the corresponding substrate interconnects with gold wire bonding. A junction coating material can then be applied on top of the die to protect the die and wire bolds.

COBs primary advantage is that it reduces the weight and mass of the circuit. When this is a primary concern, Chip-On-Board technology is your circuit miniaturization solution.

ISSI Capabilities:

  • Single and double-sided assemblies
  • Single or multi-layer substrate materials
  • Reduces overall circuit size and weight
  • Thermosonic wire bonding utilizing gold wire ranging from .0007” to .003” in diameter
  • Circuit sealing using a variety of lids or conventional coating material
  • Further space savings over most conventional Surface Mount Technology assembly
  • Rigid or flex laminate substrates available
  • Package layout and design capabilities
  • Manufacturing capabilities from prototype quantities through production volume
  • Automatic, discrete component assembly capabilities for accurate placement of the latest miniaturized components
  • Re-flow soldered passive and active components
  • Functional and environmental testing available
  • Assembled, tested, and inspected to MIL-STD and IPC specifications
  • Full turnkey assemblies available

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