About Us

International Sensor Systems, Inc. (ISSI) manufacturers custom built circuit assemblies for industrial, medical, and military applications, using technologies such as Surface Mount, Through Hole, and Hybrid Thick Film circuit assembly, and more:

Founded in 1973, ISSI has built a reputation of integrity through strong customer service and unmatched product quality. Our engineering services and quality adherence program help to ensure that your products will serve your needs thoroughly and reliably. Exceeding industry standards is the way we do business, and it shows in our products.

Service and attention to detail have played key roles in our success through the years, and we take great strides to ensure that customer needs are met timely and efficiently.

Customer trust depends on manufacturing quality products. Our thorough inspections and testing procedures can be customized to meet each job requirement. And we offer electrical and environmental testing to meet a variety of industrial specifications.

Contact us to see how we can become an integral part of your custom circuit solutions.